Journalist & Author

I have experience in the following areas and can deliver quality content:

Regional Art, Youth and Socio-Culture: I have a special interest in local art, youth culture and socio-cultural issues. My articles shed light on various aspects of these areas and provide insights into current trends and developments.

Medical-scientific matters: With my background in medicine and science, I can explain complex medical topics in an understandable way. I follow the latest research and trends and am able to write on a variety of medical topics.

Health policy: I understand the dynamics of health policy and can write about current developments and debates in this area. My articles provide an in-depth insight into health policy issues and their impact on society.

Medical technology: As an experienced expert in the field of medical technology, I can write about innovative technologies, devices and processes. I have a thorough understanding of the medical device industry and can explain complex concepts in an understandable way.

Daily Reporting: I am adept at reporting on current issues and events. My articles provide concise and well-researched information that will pique readers’ interest.

As a committed journalist, I always carry out my tasks conscientiously. I strictly adhere to the Press Codex and commit myself to journalistic due diligence. Freedom of the press and the free expression of opinions are important to me. My writing is unbiased, neutral and free from political or religious interests. The texts I write are objective and independent, unless they are explicitly literary works or satire.

Journalism & Writing

  • Journalism & Writing: My passion for the written wordWith my ability to tell stories and present information, I dedicate myself to journalism and writing.
  • Press photos: Capture the moment - tell visual storiesI capture special events in impressive pictures in order to document them journalistically.
  • Research: Thorough and comprehensive - procurement of information to the pointI have mastered the art of information gathering and analysis to deliver well-founded and relevant content.
  • Press texts: Precise and convincing - Convince with wordsI write professional press texts and reports to help companies and organizations communicate their messages effectively.
  • Texting: Versatility in the art of writing - from books to blog postsWhether books, web content, blog posts or free texts - I am versatile when it comes to writing texts and can adapt to different formats and topics.
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COTHINKER magazine is a newly established online youth culture magazine led by Terence Lee, an experienced journalist and editor. The magazine offers captivating journalistic articles, impressive photo and video reports, and inspiring content on a variety of topics such as music, art, fashion, technology, and sports. Serving as a platform for the voices and ideas of young people, COTHINKER aims to discover and promote young talents. Visit the website to explore the latest content and experience the diversity of youth culture. Contact Terence Lee for further information and press inquiries.